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Mavenco is one of the leading Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Mandaue City with diversified programs and services including; thrift savings, competitive loan products and time deposits, Swine Financing program, Mav Care, Microfinance, Aflatoun savings and Insurance products.

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Swine cluster training for Carcar branch

         Last May 25, 2019, in Lou Building, Dapdap St., Carcar City, the Mandaue City Public Market Vendors Multi-purpose Cooperative (MAVENCO) conducted the 1st Swine Cluster Training. We invited all Swine Financing Program members of Carcar branch and those who were planning to apply. The training was conducted to develop their skills, and to give them a picture of a standard and good quality management towards profitable hog raising business. This includes hog fattening and breeding management . It was purely a discussion about the "Basic Hog Raising Management". Business Development team discussed some important points to start right and earn more. This includes the right kind of hogs, the right kind of feeds and feeding, technical aspects and the projected income of the member based on the number of heads, breeds and feeds that the raisers will be using. BDC Technical Consultancy, Mr. Mark Salatan, and Swine Technician, Mr. Dave Samblaceno answered the concerns and questions of the members. 
          Participants learned many things out of the training. They were able to know the elements of good housing, and prevention and treatment for some common diseases. One of our members, Mr. Revalde, was given an opportunity to share his own hog management strategies and how his business developed with the help of the coop. He was so grateful for the financial, technical and marketing support that the coop contributed to his business. After the discussion about the Basic Hog Raising Management, Ms. Rechelle Isanan, BDC Marketing Officer, reviewed the Swine FP Memorandum Agreement between the coop and the member. This would be a refresher for the members on the terms and conditions in the agreement. We were assured that the half day training was beneficial for the daily management of the raisers.Our very supportive, Board of Directors, BOD Mrs. Fe Arriesgado, BOD Mr. Josep Rubas, and Treasury Head, Mrs. Arceli Asufra gave a warm heartfelt message to the members. They encouraged the members to continue patronizing the program because MAVENCO will always give support for their betterment
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